The Last Little Blue Envelope  - Maureen Johnson Lovely. Simply lovely. Just as charming as the first in the duology, The Last Little Blue Envelope is 200+ pages of humor, unrequited love, European landmarks, beloved familiar characters, intriguing new characters with awesome coattails, and a fulfilling and imaginative ending to a well-written and thoroughly engaging series. I loved this book. It's as simple as that. It was highly highly enjoyable and easy to read. This seems to be the rare sequel that does not disappoint fans of the original.I actually enjoyed the 'new' group dynamic with the additions of Ellis and Oliver. Not only was a completely unexpected side of Keith shown but the interactions between all of them were amusing, awkward and sometimes infuriating. Ellis in particular was very amusing. Ginny evolves a lot of the course of the novel; not having a set of instructions from her aunt, she must make decisions on her own, figure out a puzzle without half the pieces and do so with three other people depending on her. She's more mature and very real; Ginny reminds me of a lot of girls that I know and it's nice to read a protagonist so grounded and familiar. Or one so well-written you feel an actual attachment for her and her uncle, the awesome Richard.I've added the Scarlett series by this author because I loved this series so much. I can only hope Gin gets another book later on.More of my reviews here: