The Fairy Godmother  - Mercedes Lackey Interesting and clever premise for a series. Subtly subverting the archetype of Cinderella, Lackey interprets the fairy tale in an original and fun tale. I think the opening chapters fell a little bit flat, and were slightly boring the first hundred pages or so. I liked her idea for how magic works and is channeled through certain people via The Tradition, shaping and creating different versions of classic fairytales throughout the Five Hundred Kingdoms. The main character was annoying at first, but she grew on me, like the rest of the book did. The other characters in the book were fairly one-dimensional and lacked any real fire, except for maybe Alexander.It was not as good as I hoped, quite honestly, but it improved drastically after all the introductory details and background were finished. The only other main issue I had with the story was that the final conflict and resolution seemed rushed and stilted in their execution.A decent effort, overall enjoyable and easy to read.More of my reviews here: