Nyphron Rising (The Riyria Revelations, #3) - Michael J. Sullivan This is yet another riveting entry in the Riyria Revelations series. A year after defeating "Rufus' Bane" in Thrace's tiny village, Hadrian, having long been weary of his mercenary, wandering lifestyle with Royce, wants something with meaning to define his life other than thieving and spying, even if it's for the Crown. Royce wants to hang on to the life he's achieved with any means necessary- even deception from his closest and only friend. Drawn again into international conflict with Melengar's sneaky princess Arista, Royce and Hadrian have to accomplish this one last job before potentially splitting ways. Intricate and deftly woven, this is another amazing ride with Royce, Hadrian and Arista appearing, along with the renamed Thrace as Modina. I do have to say I had a "I KNEW it moment!!" right before the end of the book, only to have my jaw drop on the VERY LAST PAGE with sheer and utter surprise and freakoutery. A lot of theories I had planned out from this idea were dashed to pieces with a very few words. It was a masterfully, marvelously well done plot twist. These are books that can be read separately, but I do have to say some prior knowledge of recent events and people involved are somewhat necessary to understand the full gist of the power plays, manipulations and deceptions that take place across the board. These characters, especially Hadrian and the surly Royce, are beloved and cherished to me now. I'm very fond of them, and the plot twists and history behind each build a better picture of each. Hadrian, a man full of promise but no outlet and tied to an eccentric friend that really only trusts him alone. Royce emerges as a man with a heart at least, but just for a select few and the reasoning behind his demeanor. A very entertaining read from start to finish. I would highly recommend this series and I hope that the concluding three books are on the same standard as the first three. More of my reviews here: http://bibliophileanonymous.blogspot.com/