Lord Foul's Bane - Stephen R. Donaldson Is there a protagonist more unlikeable than Thomas Covenant? I've yet to find one in all my years of reading fantasy. In fact, I was so entirely off-put by this character that my antipathy towards him makes me unable to appreciate anything worthy the series might contain. He's a foul, despicable man and I really couldn't see past him in any part of the novel.At the beginning, middle and end all I was focused on was how loathsome Donaldson had made this character. No redeeming attributes, no humor, no vim.. To me, if Donaldson had a good idea and wanted to make a lasting impact with his books, he lost that chance as soon as he introduced Thomas Convenant.His prose, when I could focus on it, did not to do much to help the book through its already numerous problems. Plodding, dull descriptions set in a fairly unique world that failed to keep my attention or imagination fixed on anything besides how I wished leprosy had finished off the main character.All in all, a fairly substandard book that I wish I had not taken the time to read. More of my reviews here: http://bibliophileanonymous.blogspot.com/