The Lens and the Looker  - Lory S. Kaufman A book with a lot of promise. The idea of time-travel from a post-dystopian society to past Verona in 1347 is a clever premise and works well with the three protagonists. It is a bit simple, probably aimed for kids in their early teens, but enjoyable for those older than that as well. A lot of thought has evidently gone into the story and world that Kaufman has created. He writes well, blending 24th, 30th and 14th century ideas, technologies and personages into a believable, epic adventure. Engaging and easy to read, I hope that the next in the series has a little more depth will hold more details about the later technologies Kaufman has imagined, as well as the differing lifestyles from the 24th/30th century. The personalities of the women in the novel could have been fleshed out more. Shamira is mostly on the sidelines, helping when told what to do and rarely takes any initiative on her own. Giuletta seems a bit more believable but that is because she interacts with Hansum the most for the romantic angle of the story. The Signora does not add much besides comic relief and angelic hallucinations. I hope that the women are less background and more central to the plot of the next in the series.More of my reviews here: