The Osiris Ritual (Newbury & Hobbes Investigations) - George Mann The erstwhile Newbury and fiery Hobbes are back at it again in this second volume of Mann's series. Confronted with a murdered lord, two rogue agents in London and a string of missing young women from the East End, the two have their work more than cut out for them. Though this book could be read as a standalone steampunk novel, I highly recommend reading the series in order. Set a few months after the events of The Affinity Bridge, it is a new year in England and things are not as they seem. It's now February of 1902 and with the revenant plague still terrorizing London, it is not a peaceful time.Within the first ten pages, Newbury is sent on a mad chase after a rogue Crown agent from before his time named Ashford - a reconstructed man. While I liked that the steampunk elements Mann creates weren't exclusively limited to such thing like automatons and groundcars, I couldn't fully get behind a man so reconstructed his skeleton is completely metal. The descriptions of Ashford and his "improvements" could be a bit stomach-turning and unsettling. For a novel and series advertised as mostly steampunk, be warned these books can be a bit gory and bloody (especially the revenants' attack on the carriage in The Affinity Bridge). I would also like some real resolution/understanding or even a real reference to the plague in London - surely something that dire and drastic enduring for months with no action from the Crown? The rest of the review is here, on my blog.