The Dead Girls' Dance (The Morganville Vampires, #2) - Rachel Caine Claire Danvers is back, with all her messy adventures and crazy friends in tow. Round number two in the dangerous, vampire-infested college town of Morganville has all the fun, escapades and narrow escapes as the first one. In this one, Claire and Eve are invited to a Zombie Party, but with nasty hidden intentions. Not relying on the familiar path to reemerge, the author happily does a bit of explaining in this second novel. New important information about (my personal favorite character) Shane emerges, as do key players from his sad past. Claire also rounds out her personality a bit, though her main focus seems to be Shane and school. I can't complain too much - I like far more about Claire than what irritates me about her. Read the rest, right here on my blog!