Midnight Alley  - Rachel Caine Another book, another drama-filled episode in the vampire-filled life of still sixteen year-old Claire Danvers. Though "used" to the relatively normal danger of the town, Claire has new issues and problems to wrestle with; namely the fact she recently signed over her soul for protection from the local vampiremobboss leader, Amelie. Just like the first two Glass Houses and Dead Girls' Dance, it's ridiculously easy to get sucked into these books. They're far from perfect (why are all the victims in any and EVERY crime young females? Does Morganville have no old people for easy prey?) but they are pure vampire entertainment. Pitch-perfect in tone with the previous novels, Midnight Alley is a fun read from start to end. Claire, though not my favorite, serves as a reliably likable and smart protagonist. I certainly don't mind reading her usually, though I occasionally wish for a narrative change for these books. I think a rotating perspective would also do a lot to fill in the grey aspects of the setting/characters/atmosphere at present. I will I liked this the most out of the series thus far; neither side was painted as black and white as previous and much more detail was given about the vampires themselves.To read the rest, just click right here.