Fade Out  - Rachel Caine Say what I will about Claire Danvers, her ragtag group of misfits and Morganville itself - this is an addicting series. So what if plots often seem vaguely reminiscent of a previous novel from earlier down the line, so what if the setting gets old because the characters never go anywhere, I cannot deny that reading The Morganville Vampire series is just plain fun and a nice opportunity for some vampire escapism. Fade Out is another fine addition to this high-action and oftentimes silly series: slower in pace than recent novels yet still with plenty of action, but just as easy and quick a read. If I liked the easy feel to the novel, I hated Claire and Eve's interactions (or lack thereof....) for most of this novel. Usually in the first six books, the two are nearly inseparable besties, even when bickering, showing a normal, authentic teenage best-friendship (yeah, that's the word we're going with.) I was really bothered by Eve's attitude in Fade Out: her attraction to hang around Kim seems false and unnatural for such a stubborn character, one so devoted to her core group of Michael, Shane and Claire. I also just plain hated Kim: she's false and obvious from her first mention and what she does to the Misfits is just... disturbing, though not on the usual level (read: vampiric) for these novels. It's a pointed reminder that the human race often idealized by these four teens is often just as nasty and unpleasant as the suckers they so openly and often despise. I also liked the roving bands of violent humans targeting vampires or any of their "Renfields": at least it's just not the vampires as the bad guys anymore.Claire managed to impress me with her maturity for once in Fade Out. Instead of just stubbornly arguing with her parents, compromises are reached, actual communication takes place and the world doesn't end. It's a miracle: I've only wanted Claire and her parents to do this for about three books now. Overdue, but I'll take what I can get. I just wish Claire's new-found maturity had extended to her problems with Eve in this novel. Kim's added attraction to Shane just reintroduced all the doubt Claire has had before and colored one of my favorite couples in this series. All their ensuing relationship drama because of Kim was just ridiculous (mostly because of Claire's immaturity to accept he had a life before he knew her...) and just annoyed me. It's seven books into a series (partly) revolving around Claire and her boyfriend: either their relationship is solid and beyond this silly high school stuff, or it isn't.To finish this review, just click right here.