Kingkiller Chronicle: The Wise Man's Fear - Patrick Rothfuss Patrick Rothfuss continues a high standard with his second published novel in the Kingkiller Chronicle, The Wise Man's Fear. I highly enjoyed this book, just as much as I did the previous installment The Name of the Wind.As in the first book, the transitions can be a bit jerky and rough, but that is hardly noticeable as you are irresistibly caught up the story Rothfuss Kvothe is weaving.Sadly, the plot was not moved forward too much in the second book. As much as I am dying to know what has happened and all the details, I did not mind too much as the stories that Kvothe tells are vivid, entertaining, and kept my attention rapt. It wasn't until after finishing, I even though back to analyze how little had actually happened in the book. Even so, it was well worth reading.The author makes up for lack of plot advancement by compensating with rich, genuinely mysterious, original and humorous characters. Denna, Auri, Elodin, Devi.... the list of mysterious characters with mysterious motives and pasts is large but is exactly the mystery and cloak-and-dagger sleight-of-hand that works excellently for The Wise Man's Fear.Rothfuss can spin words in an elegant, delicious way that makes reading his books surprisingly easy and delightful. I look forward to the third part of the story and just hope it does a little more for the plot than this.More of my reviews here: