The Inventor - Morgan Karpiel Read This Review & More Like It On My Blog!Inventive and short, Karpiel manages to incorporate a lot of story into just 150 pages. Steampunk, espionage, jilted wives, duels.. plus more. It's a romance, so there's a heavy influence on love and sex and the scientific testing of "coldness". Leda is believable and sympathetic as the King's cousin who was jilted by her husband the Earl for an infamous actress. Karpiel has a way with words. She writes well, lyrically even with her prose flowing off the page. There's definitely a larger focus on sex in this book than in most books I read, but it did not deter me or affect the story negatively; it was well written and not laughable. It's a very easy to read to read story, and has a small cast of defined characters. Very much an introductory novel for a series, the scene is set for an alt- England filled with steampunk and intrigue, I have hopes that the next in the series will build off the foundation from this novel and create a bigger, more rounded and explored world.