Deadline (Newsflesh Trilogy #2) - Mira Grant I DID IT. It took me over two weeks, but I did it. After completely loving the first book, Feed, I was surprised at how cold this sequel left me. Shaun at first seemed like a fun change of pace and narration, but his major 'tude and selfishness wore away at my enthusiasm steadily over the lengthy 530 pages of Deadline.There were not nearly enough zombies for a novel about a zombie apocalypse/goverment cover-up, Shaun's a self-centered jerk for 90%, and the conspiracy angle seems to have stalled early on. There's a lot of rushing from one place to another, with little revealed and a lot of repetition. I was gung-ho to get the second book - I bought it on Nook 10 minutes after finishing the first - but it will be while before I pick up Blackout. I need to let my disappointment fade away. This had so much potential for awesome, and just utterly failed to achieve any. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ENDING. WTF. YOU CAN'T BORE ME FOR 400 OUT OF 520 PAGES AND THEN PULL *THAT* AT THE VERY END. It's cheap, it lessens the impact and nullify's George's sacrifice from the first book. It took a brave, impressive turn - killing a main character, the narrator, even - and just brings her back from the dead with some sketchy pseudo-science. NO.And:I KNEW THERE WAS SOMETHING OFF ABOUT GEORGE AND SHAUN'S INTERACTIONS FROM BOOK ONE. So I'm not too surprised, but that twist does come off as slightly cheap.