Glass Houses (Morganville Vampires)

Glass Houses  - Rachel Caine 3.5/5While I enjoyed this foray into Morganville and originally planned in-depth reviews for the six I've bought, I found this to be a bit light on substance. Claire, girl-brainiac of only 16 ("nearly 17," as it's repeated ad nauseam throughout the story) moves to Morganville to pursue a quiet, safe first two years of college. Unfortunately for her, and quite illogically, this sunny Texas town is the refuge of vampires - and they control the town with an iron fist. No vegetarian hunters of the night here - these vampires have fangs and they bite. Using a system of exchange called Protection not unlike the Mafia, certain families and people are relatively safe, and University students... are the cattle. With the ridicously quick-moving plot and excessive amounts of action, it's easy to feel the danger and tension of the sleepy little Texas town. Read the rest, right here on my blog!