Breaking Beautiful

Breaking Beautiful - Jennifer Shaw Wolf No rating because I read 120 pages, skimmed another 100 and then threw in the towel. I went into this probably fairly prejudiced as my best friend and on/off boyfriend at the time died in a horrific car crash under mysterious circumstances four years ago this summer. The premise is one that hits uncomfortably close to home on that account (not so with the abusive relationship) and Wolf can occasionally evoke emotion from her writing - it's just not for me. Obviously, a lot of personal issues clouded my enjoyment but I also found this to be entirely predictable, and the characters slightly cliched. I just couldn't identify with bland, cardboard Allie and the random girl-on-girl hate shown here didn't do much to convince me to continue. Breaking Beautiful may find a wider audience out there in the wide world, but sadly I won't be among them.