Ethereal (Celestra, #1)

Ethereal (Celestra, #1) - Addison Moore This was a very fun book to read. Angels/Nephilim seem to be on a new wave of literary popularity, and [b:Ethereal|10941624|Ethereal (Celestra Series Book 1)|Addison Moore||15858896] does not disappoint. I was intrigued beginning from the first paragraph. As soon as Skyla begins to tell her tale, I was hooked. The prose flows very nicely, and naturally. The book certainly feels like the story of a teenage girl, rather than how an adult would assume a teenage would write or speak. Also, added bonus, real humor ("we had this whole East Side/West Side thing [...] So I was expecting musical gang fights and a lot of girls named Maria.."). I laughed throughout this book, and often. Skyla was a heroine after my own heart: snarky, willful, passionate and curious. Most of all, she came across as a very genuine, real character; one that was both easy to connect with and care about.The first part of the novel is introductory; we meet Skyla, her mom, sister Mia, stepdad Tad, stepbrother Drake and stepsister Melissa as this Brady-ish family moves from L.A. to the dreary Paragon Island. Skyla's family serves as a backdrop for most of the story, with a lot of the early tension in the book stemming from Skyla's strained relationship with her mom over her dead father and her nonexistent relationship with her antagonistic stepdad. Rounding out our cast of diverse characters is Brielle, Skyla's closest thing to a female friend on Paragon, and Logan and Gage, two cousins that are gorgeous... and like Skyla, Nephilim. As Skyla adjusts to the new surroundings and finds others with similar abilities to the ones that have freaked her out her whole life, she learns of the true danger she, and all the other persecuted Celestra, face.It's ridiculously easy to get caught up in this book. It just flows marvelously well. I would take it out for my fifteen minute break at work, look up and realize I was going to get in trouble for missing an extra fifteen minutes. Between the engaging characters, the plot twists, and the chemistry between Skyla and the two charming boys, I devoured this novel. Eagerly awaiting the sequel.