Legacy - Cayla Kluver I had high expectations before going into this novel by young Ms. Kluver. When you hear of a teenage "phenom" publishing a popular 500 page fantasy tome, it's hard not to imagine the feast of imagination awaiting your pleasure. And while Cayla Kluver has some talent, and definitely shows room for improvement with practice and experience, a fourteen year old girl simply lacks the empathy, the experiences and depth to create an authentic and real feel to a novel. Particularly concerning the romance of the lead character Alera, aspects of the novel never appeared genuine or believable. A feel of just "something missing" is present in the novel: it simply lacks the polish and finesse an older author can instill in a story.Age gripes covered and aside, Legacy starts off quite slowly. The first hundred or so pages dragged along with little within the book to distinguish it, taking sheer determination for me to muscle though to the interesting parts. Far too much time, detail and description is laid out for clothes, feasts, the appearance of the palace, what Alera is wearing, etc. The plot, the pacing and the characters are completely mired in extraneous, superfluous details for much of the novel. Adding to those woes, at times the story itself seems trope-ish and stereotypical of a fantasy novel, with forced arranged marriage with an insufferable military man, the mysterious, dangerous youth/foreigner with hidden powers, ridiculously impressive/resourceful bodyguards, a stalwart sidekick, etc.To read this rest of this review, click Here!