The Prague Cemetery

The Prague Cemetery - I am sadly DNFing this after 130 pages of hard-going. Either I am too tired or Umberto Eco and I just don't work that well together. This is the second of his novels (see also: The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana) that I've had to stop for sheer exhaustion. I think I am continually lured in by the premise of his novels and disappointed in the execution of his ideas. As I write this one of Eco's most famous novels Baudolino sits within my "bought-not-yet-read stack" and I now hesitate even more to try it. 0 - 2 in two years is a bad track record already and adding a third will just depress me.So this is an 'unfinished for now' as opposed to a definite 'never-ever-going-to-finish-this' novel. I still like the idea behind the words, but am utterly unmotivated to endure the next 300 pages of The Prague Cemetery.