Switched (Trylle Trilogy, #1)

Switched - Amanda Hocking Very simplistic and extremely predictable. The author is self-published and it shows, I'm afraid rather badly. The editing needs a lot of work. The writing needs polish, and a clear voice. It's a rather Mary Sue book, though not as bad as other, more successful ones. The two sequels I am not going to bother reviewing because they are much the same, suffering the same deficiencies and were read merely so I could complete the trilogy.There is originality (trolls!) and humor in the story, if uneven and perhaps unintentional (I was usually laughing at the book, not with it.) I was genuinely surprised by a turn the plot takes late in the novel and thought it might show a bit of promise for a much better writer in the future. Switched reads quickly and simply, but sadly this book makes little lasting impression; it's a generic YA fantasy in the brand of Twilight et al., with an unlikeable and dull Mary Sue protagonist in a strange magical world of which she is the unwitting center.