Trading Up

Trading Up - Candace Bushnell I truly, sincerely loathed this book. There is not one redeeming or likable character in the entire 320 pages you must slough through til the end. The main character, Janey, is self-absorbed, rude, annoying and all she wants is a rich man who will take care of her. She uses her sister (instead of being there for her after a life-shacking event Janey uses her to get into a fancy restaurant), her lovers, her "best friend".. if I knew a woman that actually acted like Janey, I'd slap her, without compunction.I've read other books by Bushnell, and thought they were alright. I mostly read them to see where the characters of SATC came from, and how true they were on screen to Bushnell's ideas. I honestly still don't know, because after reading Trading Up I will not be buying another book by Bushnell.Ever.More of my reviews here: