Frost Moon

Frost Moon - Dakota Frost, "the best magical tattooist in the Southeast" is a woman of many words - most of them "fuck" or full of bravado. In this supernaturally populated alternate version of Atlanta, magic is real and out. People who know and run in the magical sectors (vampires, weres, other creatures) are known as "Edgeworlders" and Miss Frost is definitely one of them. One of the many forms of magic or "mana" as it is referred to throughout the book, is the aspect of skindancing for which the series is named and Dakota, clearly, is a practitioner. Dakota has the admittedly cool ability to infuse her tattoos with "mana" and use them: as weapons to attack, as shields to defend, even as art. Holy crap - a protagonist with strong magic that will actually protect herself? I liked the direction Dakota was headed from the first chapter I read. The magical aspects of this novel are one of the high points: there's a ton of imagination and creativity present in Francis' version of supernatural abilities. While some parts had me shaking my head in confusion (or dismay) the author deserves full kudos for conceiving principles of magic that are not run-of-the-mill and staid interpretations.If you want to read the full review, just click right here.