Charmed Thirds (Jessica Darling, #3)

Charmed Thirds (Jessica Darling, #3) - Megan McCafferty Continuing the trend started in the first two books, this was a quick, delightful read. Parts are laugh out loud funny, but it's not lacking in seriousness or emotional pull. Jessica is just as confused, maddening, confusing, spoiled, intelligent, dumb, loving as she has been. What she has done is mature a bit, stand up for herself a bit and learn a lot about herself, her relationship with Marcus and even her thought-to-be-unassailable relationship with Hope.Jessica grows and matures as a character a lot during the events contained in the book, which is probably why it's the best of the three. Her family, especially Bethany, is revealed to be more than the paint-thin personalities they've been portrayed as in the past. By making Jessica's family more realistic, more approachable, as actual people than black-and-white enemies, McCafferty's Darling series benefits greatly. More of my reviews here: