The Child of the Holy Grail

The Child of the Holy Grail - Rosalind Miles Rosalind Miles has interesting books, but her style of writing is off-putting to me. Her women are always Damsels in Distress, waiting to be saved and then loved obsessively. Guenevere does nothing but bitch and moan at Lancelot for having love affairs but she's married. To his best friend. Geez, lady. Do something besides destroy any sympathy I have for you as a character in a tragedy. This was seriously the most whiny, annoying Guenevere I have ever read.I understand the roles for the story are already predetermined and we all know how it is going to end up, but Miles could have written her Guenevere as a resilient, daring, and ultimately her own independent woman who dared risk her life for the love she couldn't deny rather than just being a vocal reminder of how little women actually do in this series. More of my reviews here: