Heist Society (Heist Society Novels)

Heist Society - Ally Carter I liked this just fine, there is just not much to go on. Paper-thin teenage characters pulling an 'impossible' museum heist. This was an incredibly easy, quick read: it took less than two hours for me to complete. I would've liked it more had there been more atmosphere, tension or even real connections between the characters. They all seemed a bit jammed together with no real cohesion as group, especially missing the camaraderie needed for close-knit, long-standing friends pulling a job. There are elements that work for the story (Kat and Hale were the only two with chemistry, the mysterious Uncle Eddie) but it lacked any real depth or feeling. I found myself more annoyed by the constant coy references to the characters' past (and always unexplained exploits and history) than intrigued by the tidbits. We're left to assume Kat is The Greatest Thief Ever at 15 with no real basis or facts for that theory, and then are constantly reminded of that checkered past with every new character that is introduced.